Laurent Julemine
Agronome, Spécialiste en Ressources Naturelles & Environnements
Genre : Femme
Pays : Haïti - Cap-Haitien
Quartier ou adresse : 12, ruelle Impasse Pétion, Charrier,, 59, ruelle François,coronel, Milot
Email :, Téléphone : +50937941820
I am a Haitian.I am Agronomist.Specialist in Natural Resources and Environment.I am very active socially.I am Cofounder and Coordinator of a youth organization names' GJUPAH and member of several non profit organizations including UNH, LAD'HA,GFH. Active member of the Haiti Chapter of the Internet Society.I took part in the firt Internet Governance Forum in Haiti.Selected as leaders to join the team Climate Reality Leadership Corps 2021.I was volunteers in Good deeds day 2019,in Startup week 2019.I participate in Leadership of Women organized by AREA at Karibe hotel.I was one the 400 young people selected from around the world by United Nations to participate in World Merit 2019 at Morroco.I was one the speakers of Conference for collaboration organized by Black Communities 2nd annual at Durham in North Carolina.I was selected to participate in 3nrd annual Global future summit.I was selected to participate in 2nd Cohort Youth Global Change Leader ( GGA). I was one of 80 women selected by UN Women to participate in the first school Leadership Academy Women Politic.I was one of delegates represented Haiti In IMUN this year.I was selected by AUF to participate in leadership workshop this year.Selected as Deleguate by Ubuntu United Nations to first edition 2021. I am member and Ambassadorship of Global Peace Chain. I am selected as one of deleguate of MOIC 2021 to represent Blangadesh. I was participate in Goodstock this year .In GJUPAH, I work in four areas of SDGs: Education, healf, agriculture and Socio- environmental. I Work with the children, Young, women and farmers. I am a changemaker in my community.I believe in progress. All my dream is to see a great changement in my country or the world. I like to collaborate with the other young to share our experience and acquire the new knowledge. I like to participate in the event because they help me. They cheaper my leadership.In short, I am from of the generation of those who believe in change, in leadership and who believe above all that it is not enough to imagine, to dream, but that it is also necessary to take concrete and real actions to crush stereotype about women,overcome the limits imposed on us to build a generation of leaders where men and women work together in all equity for the well being their community. It's several years I am working on Environment in my community because all my dreams is to see a great changement in my country. And build a environment school to help the people take a new knowledge about environment .

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